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Peter Lik’s Wind and Sea Graces Top La Jolla Restaurant

Updated 07/28/2021

Duke’s Honors its Legendary Namesake with Fitting Image of Local Beauty

After years of admiring and expertly shooting the beautiful surf of Southern California, it seems only fitting that one of Peter’s stunning Pacific visions would receive prime real estate at La Jolla’s incredibly popular incarnation of Duke’s, the neighborhood go-to for delicious Hawaiian-style fare. Located not too far from LIK LA JOLLA, this impressive two-story eatery, which has partnered with the nearby gallery on past events, has upped its show of appreciation for the Artist by gracing its interior with a 2.8 meter recess mount of coastal sunset image, Wind and Sea – named after local destination spot, Windansea Beach.

With six locations that span Hawaii and California, Duke’s honors the real legend of Duke Kahanamoku, a beloved native Hawaiian, considered by many to be the father of modern day surfing: ”I am so thankful to LIK LA JOLLA for installing this amazing photo of Windansea Beach at Duke’s,” remarks General Manager, Shaughn Helliar. “It is so appropriate to have this image on our wall, as this beach has real significance to the culture of Duke’s and what Duke himself stood for. He was a huge influence on the local surfing community and especially the WindanSea Surf Club which is located at this very beach.”

Peter, who has been a passionate fan of the California and Hawaii surf scene for decades, could not be more honored to have his work featured at such a cultural landmark: “Duke represented a spirit that one can truly sense among the people and natural surroundings of this stunning region of the U.S.,” states the Master Photographer. “I am extremely grateful to the restaurant for continuing to make us feel right at home among the warm waters and friendly community of La Jolla.”

Published 09/07/2016