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Peter Lik’s “Midsummer Dream” Headlines First Major Release of 2015

Updated 07/28/2021
On Saturday, February 7th, five new breathtaking landscape photographs were unveiled at LIK Galleries all across the country to the delight of clamoring collectors.

The main image, which kicked off this fine art extravaganza, is “Midsummer Dream” – a complementary sequel to already famed image “Tranquil Blue,” taken on the shores of the Florida Keys.

It was not too long ago that “Tranquil Blue,” a beautiful, head-on image of a long pier stretching into the vast Pacific, was released to an overwhelmingly positive response (it is inches away from sold-out status). The newly released sequel shot, “Midsummer Dream,” (seen above) offers a matching perspective for collectors, with an angled view of the pier, crystal blue waters and sweeping clouds.

Along with “Midsummer Dream,” come four featured releases. “Metallic Symphony” is an abstract, black & white of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, while “Artist Point” is Peter’s portrayal of a rustic wooden fence, extending into the colorful woods of Aspen, Colorado. “Evening Reflections” showcases the calm waters off Molokai, Hawaii at dusk, while “Autumn Splendor” is another glimpse at the elaborate forests of Aspen during fall.

Peter commented on the massive unveiling: “I have literally tens of thousands of photos that I am so proud of and never get seen. Doing a big release like this allows me to showcase more of my work and gives my collectors a larger palette to choose from.” This impressive lineup of pieces to explode onto the scene all at once is just another reminder that there is absolutely no shortage of remarkable work in the Master Photographer’s grand portfolio.

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Published 03/02/2015