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Peter Lik’s Masterworks Adorn Miami’s Hottest New Ice Bar

It would appear as if a new LIK Gallery has sprung up in the bustling City Center section of Florida’s hippest town – yet, it is in fact no gallery at all!

Local entrepreneurs and Peter Lik fanatics, Nicole Pritchett and Sally Drinkhouse have officially opened Drinkhouse Fire & Ice – Miami’s first ever Vodka Ice Bar – which launched September 12. The locale, which features 10” thick walls of pure pristine ice, genuine ice glassware, crystal studded ice sculptures and hand crafted luges, is decorated with an impressive 13 epic works from the Artist displayed prominently throughout the establishment.

When philanthropist Sally Drinkhouse and documentary filmmaker Nicole Pritchett began designing the concept for the bar, they both knew it had to be “different from the ice bars we visited abroad,” Drinkhouse commented. “Our vibe needed to be less touristy, down-to-earth, and brimming with positive energy.” Having already purchased multiple works from LIK Miami, Drinkhouse knew that Peter’s visions of Mother Nature would be the perfect additions to complete the stunning look.

The place itself is divided into two sections: Experimental Cocktail Fire Bar & Lounge (set at normal, room temperature), offers a variety of world class, handcrafted cocktails, while the 23-degree Ice Bar will warm your soul with an array of vodka-based libations. While enjoying the atmosphere and the drinks, guests will marvel at an incredible collection of Peter’s works, ranging from his award-winning triumph, Pele’s Whisper, to the highly successful Ocean Dance – featured in a separate VIP area. Other images include River of Zen, Autumn Impressions, Timeless Land, and Eternal Flame.

Drinkhouse Fire & Ice, which is set for its grand opening on Thursday, October 1, has already had multiple, exclusive events sparking an intense local curiosity. In keeping with Pritchett and Drinkhouse’s positive energy theme, proceeds from the establishment will go towards benefiting local charities: “I was both honored and flattered to hear that my works would be on such a grand display at this new, exciting bar in one of my favorite U.S. cities,” Peter commented. “It’s also great to see that they are giving something back. I guess I’ll just have to pop in as soon as I get down there!”

Now open to the public, Drinkhouse Fire & Ice is located at 1672 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Drinkhouse Fire & Ice Photo Courtesy of ra-haus