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Peter Lik’s Current Tree of Life Display Recognized by World Magazine

It is the second time since the end of 2014 that fans of Peter’s work at popular World Magazine have included him in their international publication, enjoyed by millions each year.

In the fittingly titled section, Expect the Exceptional, throngs of readers recently had the opportunity to learn about one of Peter’s most breathtaking images, now on display at the Nassau County Museum of Art in New York

The article, simply titled Tree of Life, is a quick, yet poignant heads up for fine art and nature lovers who may want to grab an up close and personal glimpse of Peter’s award-winning image of the same name. Out of the Vault: 25 Years of Collecting is the Nassau Museum’s current grand exhibit, showcasing almost half of the decades-old institution’s works through July 2015. As the article points out, a “massive limited edition print” of Tree of Life is being showcased in the Traditions in Landscape section, and has even been touted as a “glittering centerpiece” by Museum director Karl E. Willers.”

Captured by Peter in Oregon in 2009, Tree of Life is one of many award-winning images found in the artist’s Japanese maple series – a subject matter Peter has grown very fond of: “When I first discovered these gifts from Mother Nature, I almost could not believe they were real,” he commented. “The colors are incredibly vivid and unless you are there to see them for yourself, it’s almost impossible to grasp their true beauty.” Tree of Life (seen above) is highly sought after by collectors and inches closer to sold-out status every day. This rare opportunity may be a last chance for Peter Lik enthusiasts to see the image in person. As the World Magazine article succinctly puts it, Tree of Life is “a magical image capturing nature at her radiant best” and “takes pride of place” at this remarkable New York exhibit.

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