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Peter Lik’s Career Highlighted in German Publication

Updated 04/10/2024
In a recent issue of Germany’s popular FOTO Magazine, the life and times of the world’s “best-selling” photographer, is uncovered by writer Anja Martin.

Through a review of Peter’s “fascinating” images and an in depth interview with the artist, readers across the Atlantic are given an opportunity to discover how passion and hard work have led to monumental success.

The piece begins by recognizing Phantom, the world’s most expensive photograph – sold by Peter in 2014. In leading up to this amazing moment in his career, Peter explains there was no short cut and no secret ingredient: “Only hard work everyday for more than 30 years.” It is a characteristic instilled by Peter’s parents who are credited with gifting the artist his first camera at the age of eight. This engrained dedication and true love for Mother Nature has allowed Peter to create a remarkable portfolio, including such works as Eternal Flame and Echo of Silence – scenes that, according to Martin, “have never been displayed so perfectly.”

The main question, posed by the article, asks why Peter has managed to stay below the radar of so many fine art circles. As readers will discover, the answer lies within Peter’s unprecedented ability to create his own business model that operates outside auction houses and galleries owned by third parties: “I have always believed in myself and my work so strongly,” Peter commented. “I just knew I could sell my photographs exclusively at my galleries.”

Peter Lik Photography Galleries

By designing and building locations that sell only his own works, Peter has created his own reality – outlets in lavish hotspots like Beverly Hills and Las Vegas – where art and nature lovers of all demographics are prepared to complement their bold lifestyles with breathtaking visions of the natural world. As Martin puts it, Peter “understands the people who are interested in his photographs.” However, there is no doubt from fans and collectors around the world that Peter’s “ingenious marketing” is only outmatched by an unending passion for Mother Nature.


Published 07/07/2015