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Peter Lik Releases The Classical Age Collection

This incredibly busy year for Peter just got even busier, with the major release of multiple new breathtaking images from his epic travels throughout Europe.

In early 2015, the artist journeyed to the magical continent across the Atlantic – where he was completely blown away by the mythical landscapes and stunning architecture. The Classical Age collection represents the next bold chapter in Peter’s lifelong pursuit to capture and share the most beautiful places on earth.

Harmony Lane, Enchanted City, Tuscan Escape, and Romantic Reflections (all shown above) – these names of just a few of the photographs hint at the tangible romance and raw emotion evoked in the new collection. “Europe is more inspiring than one could imagine,” Peter commented. “You can sense the rich history all around you. I felt so alive with every discovery and every image I captured. The mystery and beauty of the continent is endless.”

Peter Lik European Photography

Peter’s European exploration, however, was more than just a good reason to shoot a completely new and unchartered world. His fateful visit to the enchanting Czech Republic was also way for the artist to connect to his heritage: “Decades ago, my parents left their homeland in search of a better life for our family. To be able to trace the steps of my ancestors is more emotional than I could ever put into words.”

After weeks of endless shooting, Peter carefully selected 13 images out of thousands of frames for The Classical Age Collection, released this Wednesday, June 24. Plus, collectors will be delighted to hear that Peter has also unveiled two Open Edition prints from his travels, San Marco and Floating City, along with three new LIK ELEMENT PACKS: Classical, Tuscany, and Venice – all of which highlight the majesty of Europe and are currently available through any LIK Gallery.