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Peter Lik Releases Latest Stunning Vision: Ocean Glow

Updated 07/28/2023
Some of Peter’s favorite scenes to capture highlight the crystal blue swells of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Hawaii.

Since first encountering the impressive shores of this surfer’s paradise, Peter has been enchanted by the beautiful archipelago’s waters, which stretch from Oahu to the Big Island. In just a few days, on Saturday June 6th, Peter will unveil his second breathtaking Waves series image, Ocean Glow, unsurprisingly captured near exotic Maui.

Just over a year ago, Peter released his first of two breathtaking shots, Ocean Dance. This frozen-in-time photograph of a cresting Pacific wave has a unique glass sculpture feel – with some saying it even resembles an emerging siren of the seas. The image – which was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from collectors – is nearing sold out status and has since been recognized by some of the most prominent institutions in professional photography. Now, after much anticipation, Peter is releasing his highly anticipated sequel to that image – Ocean Glow (seen above).

Peter Lik Ocean Glow

Captured not far from Peter’s longest-running U.S. gallery, LIK LAHAINA, Ocean Glow is yet another remarkable example of a Master at work. The almost endless, translucent cylinder of light offers a virtual kaleidoscope effect – with a myriad of marine and aqua tones that surround the intense, golden aura of the sun: “Shooting the pure magic of waves is always an unpredictable challenge,” Peter noted. “ Like a surfer, I was glued to the swell report for two weeks waiting for something to happen. Finally a swell was predicted. After hours of Mother Nature knocking me around in the surf, I shot like a madman wave after wave – it was an addiction. I selected this image from thousands of frames for my gallery wall.”

Only a short time remains before Saturday, June 6th, when Ocean Glow will be revealed at LIK Galleries across the country to the joy of Peter’s many collectors: “I am thrilled to unveil my latest image of a magnificent Pacific swell, “ he commented. “A scene like this is a true gift of the gods.”

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Published 07/06/2015