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Peter Lik Graces Cover of Salt Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue

It has been 10 years since the launch of Australian publication, Salt Magazine – a visually captivating periodical, solely devoted to exploring and depicting the beauty of Queensland’s infamous Sunshine Coast.

Since the very first print hit the stands in 2005, Peter’s work has been featured on the cover over a dozen times. Now, after a decade of success, Salt Magazine continues to recognize the fine art photographer (and native Aussie) with a wraparound cover, featuring his stunning vision of Fraser Island.

The inaugural issue of Salt Magazine, appearing in winter of 2005, was a triumphant moment for its optimistic founders – who based the brand’s concept on celebrating “the good things in life in the piece of paradise that is the Sunshine Coast.” It was only fitting that the very first cover feature imagery exemplifying the region’s essence. Australian-born Peter Lik had grown up amongst Queensland’s diverse geography and had become an expert on panorama – a format required for the sweeping covers of the publication. The artist’s stunning image of neighboring Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world – would give Salt Magazine the initial look and feel it needed to grab the attention of throngs of readers.

As a result, Peter’s work has been consistently tapped for Salt Magazine’s covers over the years – proving that the artist’s connection to his homeland is just as strong as his personal bond with Mother Nature. Now, in celebration of Salt Magazine’s 10th “birthday,” the publication has harkened back to its humble beginnings by celebrating with another breathtaking cover shot of Peter’s Fraser Island (seen above). Soft, ridged sands stretching into the blue waters of the Indian Ocean not only highlight a tranquil, alluring landscape – but a vast career inspired by the visual wonders of beautiful Australia.

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