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Peter Lik Graces Cover of Essential Aspen Magazine


Six-page spread explores the Artist’s compelling career, alongside multiple epic works

The latest, summer-fall issue of Essential Aspen truly delves into the life of the world-renowned landscape photographer. Featuring a powerful image of Peter on the cover, the prominent publication honors his 30 years in the industry with a thoughtful, six-page interview on his Aspen experiences, his philosophies on the world around us, and his evolution as an Artist. Displayed throughout the piece, are some of Peter’s award-winning images, such as Pele’s Whisper, Ghost and Allure.

Peter’s recognition as an Aspen figure is certainly tied to his well-respected, local gallery, LIK ASPEN, which was conceptualized after the Artist fell in love with the local landscape: “The first time I discovered the beauty of Aspen, I was shooting all 50 United States for my 2003 book, Spirit of America,” Peter recalls. “There is a vibrant collection of colors that changes so much with every season. The town really complements the charm of the Rockies – a great backdrop for my fine art photography gallery.”

On discussing his lifelong journey as a master of landscapes, Peter opens up about the first snapshot he took as an 8-year old in Australia – using his parents’ gift of a Kodak Brownie camera: “That was the spark,” Peter states. That fateful moment would lead him to follow his passion for decades to come. Mother Nature, “the world’s greatest artist,” as he lovingly refers to her, would become his main inspiration and mentor.

Throughout the rest of the piece, readers will get know much more about Peter, why his work sets him apart from others, and how he transforms a beautiful scene from the great outdoors into a true work of art. The interview wraps up poignantly with Peter’s take on selling his images, such as Phantom, for astounding, record-breaking price tags: “I am more in awe of the images themselves,” he comments. “It is more remarkable that these visions can exist in the world around us. To me, they are priceless.”

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