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Peter Lik Gets Prominent Mention


In the October 2 edition of local publication, Vegas Seven, Peter Lik finds himself the subject of some attention in an article entitled Take a Peek Inside the Strip’s Most Exclusive Residences. The piece, by writer Jessi Acuna, goes behind the scenes of famed interior designer Bruce Anderson’s latest penthouse endeavors, located on the Las Vegas Strip. Not surprisingly, Anderson has teamed up with Master Photographer Lik to complete the design of these extremely luxurious Residences at Mandarin Oriental, some valued at up to $4.5 million

Peter could not have been more thrilled to be chosen for such an impressive project. Not only was Lik an integral part of the designs, he was a very important part of the creative process. All Peter Lik pieces were chosen by his personal team of LIK USA representatives, who even assisted with their placement in these high-end residences. Moreover, the palatial dwellings were offered up for private viewings during the National Association of Home Builders conference. It was an exciting and extremely memorable experience for Peter who, according to the article, is responsible for “intensely vivid landscape portraits.”

Well, we would have to agree! Congrats, Pete!