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Peter Lik Featured in World Magazine

Just in case you missed it, Peter was included in a very special editorial feature at the end of 2014.

World Magazine, a national-based publication viewed by millions each year, graciously elaborated on the Master Photographer’s life, career, and personal thoughts on Mother Nature. The piece, which included a spread of some of Peter’s greatest works, could not have been more complimentary.

Under the appropriate heading, Expect the Exceptional, is a very well written description of Peter’s story – the Australian-born son of hardworking Czech immigrants who, through sheer hard work, now owns 15 galleries, a multi-million dollar business, and a critically acclaimed body of work.

Aside from Pete’s story, World Magazine was also generous enough to share a collection of some of his best work with their viewers. On display are Eternal Beauty, Pele’s Whisper, Ocean Dance, Inner Peace, and Allure – all images from Peter’s portfolio that have been highly recognized and awarded by national and international institutions in the field of photography.

At one point, the article discusses Peter’s passion for Mother Nature by highlighting his profound description of what it was like to capture Inner Peace – an image of a Japanese maple tree in Oregon: “Every branch told its own story [and] I truly felt an indescribable energy.” The piece then goes on to remind the reader that Inner Peace, and Ghost (which later became the infamous black & white Phantom) were both on display at the prestigious Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

World Magazine’s editorial feature on Peter Lik is a poignant celebration of a man who has brought his collectors and fans years of beautiful landscape photography. To perfectly sum it up, the writer plainly states: “Lik’s work goes beyond the scope of the human eye. His images capture the perfection of nature.” With record-breaking sales and a PPA Lifetime Achievement Award behind him, it seems many would have to agree.

Stay tuned! We will keep you posted on all upcoming articles on Peter Lik.