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Peter Lik Featured in Prominent Publication

National magazine, Modern Luxury, just released their Midwinter 2015 Aspen Edition, which includes an in-depth interview with Peter Lik on what it’s like to shoot the beautiful local landscape.

Lik, no stranger to this city among the Rockies, opened up on everything from his recent 2014 fall expedition to his general feelings about shooting the mountain peaks and all the little “tucked away” treasures Aspen has to offer.

The piece, entitled Behind the Lens, is certain to be one of many articles to come. Still on the heels of selling the world’s most expensive photograph, Phantom, Peter has been constantly (and happily) inundated with requests for interviews on a wide range of topics, from eating habits to favorite landscapes. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Master Photographer – who has his own gallery in Aspen – was asked to offer up some details on why he considers this U.S. location to be so captivating. Possibly the most poignant moment in the interview is when Peter discusses his feelings on capturing the majestic mountains in the area.

“I think we tend to think of mountains as these giant, unchanging structures. But to me they are alive and constantly transforming with the weather and levels of sunlight. Snowy peaks become raging rivers and waterfalls. Green plant life takes on different colors as the seasons change. You’ve got patches of rock face that show off different textures and colors with every sunrise and sunset. That’s what inspires me – the ability to shoot the same mountain in a million different ways.”

/ Find out what else Pete has to say about Aspen and how it feels to sell the most expensive photograph in history. Click for the full interview in Modern Luxury.