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Peter Lik and LIK ASPEN Help Raise Funds for Worthy Cause

As previously reported, Peter recently donated his image, Waking Forest, to be auctioned off at a benefit for a special young girl in Aspen, Colorado.
Three-year-old Madison Thomas, who faces the very unfortunate diagnosis of leukemia, was the subject of a gala event this past weekend, put on by a local group of friends who enlisted the help of the dedicated staff at LIK ASPEN.

The philanthropic, Aspen-based group, ZMB – which simply stands for friends Zac Mathews, Mike Shelton and Brady Young – holds a fundraiser annually to benefit a local, worthy cause. This year, they jumped at the chance to help out Aspenites, Dava and Jason Thomas, who recently discovered their daughter’s diagnosis. As Brady Young succinctly put it, there was “no choice” when it came to looking out for little Madison. After breaching the subject with the team at LIK ASPEN, a 75cm print of Waking Forest was immediately shipped to the Aspen Gallery by Peter himself, in hopes of raising funds at the upcoming event’s auction.

The seventh annual Mountain Melee took place on Saturday, April 18th at the Sky Hotel in Aspen, and successfully raised thousands. Waking Forest, Peter’s glowing vision of the Colorado woods, was sold at auction to local Greg Jefferson, for an impressive $1,500. Moreover, two prominent LIK ASPEN collectors donated $2,000 to the cause, much to Gallery Director, John Szabo’s delight: “It was one of the nicest things I've ever witnessed!” Szabo exclaimed! “The couple was Bill and Val Stevenson and they certainly are some wonderful folks. LIK ASPEN was ultimately responsible for $3,500 raised – which was awesome and really made our team feel good.”

While the fundraiser was a huge success, attended by hundreds of extremely generous locals, the road for Madison is still a long one. Anyone who wishes to help may visit a dedicated Go Fund Me site, set up to receive donations on behalf of Madison L Thomas.

Here’s to Pete and the wonderful staff at LIK ASPEN!

/ Click here to help the Thomas family reach their goal of $20,000.