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New LIK Foundation Hits the Ground Running


The Artist Launches Charitable Organization to Help Aid a World in Need

Over the years, Peter has worked with dozens of worthwhile causes in an effort to help those less fortunate. From auctioning off his Masterworks at premiere gala events, to personally providing hundreds of turkeys to local families during Thanksgiving, the Australian-born photographer has always believed in looking after our precious planet and its inhabitants. Ultimately for Peter, the best way to carry out such an important and vast mission was to create his own charitable organization, The LIK Foundation, designed to focus on Charity Through Art.

The LIK Foundation aims to both carry on Peter’s philanthropic quest and take it to the next level; it has already partnered with the world-renowned team at ONE DROP, in an effort to provide more sustainable water to suffering communities: “Working with ONE DROP is just the first step of many for our new foundation,” says Peter. “Experiencing the raw beauty of our world for decades has inspired me to do whatever I can to help keep it a magical place, where anyone and everyone has a chance to thrive. I am eagerly looking forward to the many opportunities ahead.”

Headed up by a seven-member council, The LIK Foundation will continue its already-in-progress mission by working with communities around the world, and in particular, areas where LIK Galleries are located: “Outreach has always been a huge part of what we do,” Peter adds. “I could not be more grateful to all the cities – from New York to L.A. – that have warmly welcomed our galleries. It is my aim to give back the same generosity and support I have been fortunate to receive.”

Stay tuned!

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