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LIK WAIKIKI: Here’s To 10 Years!

It was just over a decade ago – in 2006 – when Peter Lik began visualizing the design of his second gallery on the Hawaiian Islands.

With three overwhelmingly successful years at LIK LAHAINA (Maui) behind him, it was a no-brainer for the Artist to open yet another sanctuary for his epic portfolio, amidst the landscape he is renowned for capturing. In the 10 years since its launch on the southern coast of Honolulu, LIK WAIKIKI has undoubtedly become a permanent fixture for discerning locals and visitors, who frequent the bustling Beach Walk section of the island.

In keeping with the exotic atmosphere of Honolulu, LIK WAIKIKI is appropriately outfitted with breathtaking Brazilian wood floors, handcrafted stone work, and an open glass façade that exposes Peter’s Masterworks to the outside world: “Every inch of LIK WAIKIKI was crafted to reflect my unending love for this South Pacific gem,” Peter remarks. “The local culture has always warmly embraced me, and I wanted to make sure my design and my shots did the region justice.” Lining the walls of this peaceful establishment are many of Peter’s locally inspired works.

LIK WAIKIKI Gallery Director, Stephen Maier, has been at the location since its beginnings, bearing witness to its incredible evolution: “Ten years ago, when I was carrying heavy furniture into the gallery, I had no idea what to expect. Since then, our sales have continued to soar and we have grown a vast international clientele – many of whom report back that visiting us was the highlight of their trip to Hawaii.” Located at Waikiki Beach Walk – just a short walk from the beautiful sands of Waikiki Beach –LIK WAIKIKI remains the ideal destination spot for art and nature lovers to enjoy during their exploration of this famed island in the sun.

Congratulations, Peter!