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LIK USA Success Admired in Leisure and Hospitality Magazine

Updated 08/12/2022

In the summer 2015 installment of Leisure and Hospitality International, the hugely popular publication takes note of Peter’s fine art photography business, which – through sheer hard work – the Australian-born artist has taken from humble beginnings to an incredible $450 million industry giant. According to LIK USA’s CFO James Bevan, who is quoted throughout the article, “The main quality that has made this company successful is Lik’s incredibly keen photographic eye.”

In a piece titled Capturing Nature by Eric Slack, CFO James Bevan continues to explain in great detail how Peter’s innate ability has sparked the growth of “one of the top-selling fine art photography brands.” Taking the reader through a journey that spans decades, the article discusses Peter’s start in his native Australia, his unprecedented success in the U.S., and a current national brand of 14 galleries that is looking to expand its presence into Asia and Europe.

Overseeing 270 employees and having sold over 100,000 works of photographic art, the article makes it clear that Peter is more than just an incredible talent: “I don’t think Peter has ever taken a day off,“ remarked Bevan. “He really loves his work and drives the energy of this organization.” Readers of the piece will also learn that Peter has always toiled outside the traditional models of the industry by designing and building locations that exclusively sell Peter Lik Fine Art Photography: “Peter tapped into a market that was under represented and has been able to make it work in the way in which he wanted,” Bevan added.

In looking to the future, the piece concludes that fans of Peter’s images can expect much more to come: “We are always looking to update our technology and stay ahead of the tide,” added Bevan. “It is a challenge Peter enjoys and that is part of the reason he continues to have such a strong following in the marketplace.”


Published 07/20/2015