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LIK SOHO Celebrates Seven-Year Anniversary


Peter’s Successful Gallery Continues to Thrive in Mecca of Manhattan Art Culture

Peter’s love of the world around us is not simply limited to Mother Nature’s natural landscapes; it also extends to mankind’s brilliant architecture. Years ago, when the Artist first encountered the east coast metropolis of skyscrapers, monumental bridges and incomparable skylines, he quickly understood why so many consider it to be the greatest city in the world. Unsurprisingly, one of Peter’s favorite neighborhoods of NYC is downtown’s well-known and famously hip SOHO area – brimming with a creative atmosphere that has traditionally housed some of the most legendary galleries. So, when in 2007, Peter finally launched LIK SOHO, it was a veritable dream come true.

“The energy of New York is overwhelming,” Peter remarked. “I could not imagine having galleries in hotspots around the country without including The City That Never Sleeps. I am so proud to have survived in one of the most inspiring locations in the world. Thanks to an incredible staff and a warmly welcomed embrace from such a traditionally tough city, we are still going strong.” Peter’s words could not be more accurate as just this past year LIK SOHO was voted “Best Gallery” by the prestigious American Art Awards. The accomplishment symbolizes the gallery’s incredible seven years of success and profoundly hints at much more to come.

Peter Lik SOHO Photography Galley

Since LIK SOHO’s opening, it has become a true staple of the local art scene, situated amidst bars, cafes, and legendary shopping. Within the gallery itself, visitors will find Peter’s trademark, panoramic visions from his massive portfolio. In keeping with his locally themed displays, visitors are continuously captivated by his take on one of New York’s most iconic edifices in Empire, showcased perfectly against clean, white and gray walls – designed purposefully by Peter to make each work of art stand out. In celebration of the upcoming anniversary, the gallery will be holding a special, public event on Saturday, November 7th – featuring the unveiling of Peter’s latest collection of world-class fine art photography, Equation of Time.