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Peter Lik's La Jolla Gallery Celebrates Nine Years!


On November 1, 2007, Peter successfully launched his popular, Southern California gallery, just a few steps away from the natural beauty of the Pacific Coastline he had been expertly capturing for decades. The Artist personally designed every aesthetic detail to make this “dream-come-true” location a tranquil haven for his massive collection of landscape images. Now, after nine years of increasing sales, there is no question that LIK La Jolla has become the sought-after destination spot for art and nature enthusiasts that Peter so clearly envisioned.

Keri Bohanon has been working as LIK La Jolla’s Gallery Director for the better part of a decade, and has seen it grow into a true standout of the art community: “This is a very locally-respected gallery and has a true family of collectors,” states Bohanon. “Over the years, we have actually seen engagements in the gallery, and watched kids grow up inspired by Pete – who are now shooting or collecting his work! It is truly gratifying to see how Pete’s passion and talent have made us a staple in the La Jolla community.”

That sentiment and strong sense of community is not lost on the Australian-born Artist: “It has always been a dream for each of my galleries to become a place where like-minded art lovers could come together and escape the day-to-day noise,” Peter says. “Knowing LIK La Jolla has cultivated a real family atmosphere could not bring me greater joy.” Featuring handcrafted wood flooring, precision masonry, a flowing interior space, and of course, an award-winning assortment of stunning images, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back to this annex on the West Coast. With a growing legacy and record sales at its back, LIK La Jolla is certain to keep thriving for years to come.

Happy Anniversary, Pete!

/ Step into LIK La Jolla and discover the world through the lens of Peter Lik