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LIK LA JOLLA Celebrates Eight-Year Anniversary


When Peter first encountered the vast Pacific Coast of the United States decades ago, it boasted of all the surf, sun, and scenery he had ever dreamed of – and more. Already a rising star in his homeland, Australia, the Artist was constantly on the lookout for potential, America-based locations to set up his now well-respected galleries of remarkable landscape visions. In La Jolla, Peter saw opportunity among the area’s incredible backdrop of natural beauty and local culture. In November 2007, after years of visiting and masterfully capturing the sights one of Southern California’s most beloved towns, LIK LA JOLLA was born, and it has been thriving ever since.

Peter commented on launching this destination spot for locals and tourists alike: “The location was ultimately a no-brainer. Forget about the fact that there is a total art scene and other great attractions around La Jolla Cove – you’ve also got such amazing scenery.” LIK LA JOLLA truly could not be better situated – nestled perfectly between the endless Pacific to the west, and national parks and elevated forestry to the east. The immediate, natural surroundings perfectly complement the gallery’s interior aesthetics of incomparable scenes from the great outdoors.

Peter Lik La Jolla Photography Gallery

Featuring such masterworks as Coastal Dreams, Peter’s beautiful take on Scripps Pier at sunset, LIK LA JOLLA displays a myriad of images against immaculate hardwood floors and expertly crafted stonework. “Like with all of my galleries,” Peter added, “the experience is designed to be peaceful – serene. It’s not just a place to sell art, but a tranquil escape from the noise of the outside world.” After eight years of going strong, LIK LA JOLLA continues to bring in serious collectors and casual enthusiasts alike. In celebration of this monumental anniversary, the gallery will be holding a special, public event on Saturday, November 7th – featuring the unveiling of Peter’s latest collection of world-class fine art photography, Equation of Time.

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