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LIK KEY WEST Rallies for Australian Superboat Team

Updated 07/28/2021

Maritimo Offshore Racing Warmly Welcomed with Evening of Cocktails and Fine Art

Hailing all the way from Peter Lik’s neck of the woods, the Gold Coast-based Maritimo Offshore Racing team was honored on Friday, November 11th with a festive, reception at LIK KEY WEST. Alongside the gallery’s display of award winning fine art photography, the dedicated crew from down under – in town to compete in the 36th annual Key West-based Superboat World Championships – capped off their second day of racing with a night of stunning fine art photography from the Artist and handcrafted cocktails from event sponsor, and expert rum purveyor, Papa’s Pilar.

LIK KEY WEST Gallery Director, Tamara Vigil, was on hand during the recent soiree: “The place was just buzzing with excitement,” She remarks. “At least 50 RSVP’d guests, including the racing team, mixed with an enthusiastic crowd of interested walk-ins to create a stellar night with an incredibly positive energy flow. It was great fun introducing Peter’s work to those who had never had the experience, and the incredible cocktails from Papa’s just took it all to the next level!” Featuring a selection of tasty hors d’oeuvres and live music, the event was also appropriately highlighted by Peter’s acclaimed ocean image, Brush Wave.

Peter, who is forever connected to the beauty of his home country, also has a well-known passion for all things fast: “Seeing these blokes fly across the ocean at breakneck speed is a vision almost as captivating as any landscape I have witnessed,” the Artist remarks. “I am so proud to have them represent my beloved homeland, and totally honored to have them visit our gallery.”

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Published 11/18/2016