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LIK KEY WEST: Here’s To Seven Years!

Updated 07/28/2023
It is a very happy anniversary for this Florida-based gallery, which has proven to be a beacon amidst the very abundant local art scene of Key West, since launching in 2008.

For seven years, this tropical island – nestled in the warm surf between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean – has offered the perfect backdrop for Peter Lik’s award-winning landscape images. Now, after a record-breaking year for the artist, LIK KEY WEST is certain to continue on as a destination for vacationing tourists and serious art collectors.

When making the decision to set up shop in Key West, Peter felt it was a no-brainer: “Why Key West? Why not?” he asked rhetorically. “It is a popular hotspot with a natural environment that radiates total paradise. I happen to love the area and the people – it’s a relaxed place that’s all about having a good time.” That sentiment is definitely backed up by LIK KEY WEST’s coveted address on Duval Street, which could not be closer to the island charm of historic Old Town and some of the best nightlife off the mainland.

Peter Lik Key West Photography Gallery

For years at LIK KEY WEST, visitors have found themselves captivated by Peter’s remarkable interior design, showcasing imported Brazilian ebony floors: “The floors at this gallery have a real island feel to them,” Peter commented. “It is important to me that the space has an inviting, warm tone – my goal is always to create a serene environment, allowing my guests to just lose themselves in the photographs.” Visitors to this gallery are consistently enchanted by Peter’s display of many locally inspired works, such as the highly sought-after Tranquil Blue (seen above).

A highly trained, dedicated staff rounds out the complete LIK KEY WEST experience – some of which have been at the location for years. According to one resident Gallery Director, when you walk into LIK KEY WEST “You just know you are someplace special.” During the last seven years, Peter’s gallery has successfully emerged as a fixture of the local art community and there is no doubt it will remain so for seven more.

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Published 04/16/2015