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LIK HOUSTON Turns Three!

Updated 07/28/2023

It would seem that the Texas-based gallery’s 2014 upgrade has only further cemented its status as the city’s premiere destination for award-winning, fine art photography. Initially launched in April of 2013, Peter’s 2,000-plus sq. ft. showcase of industry acclaimed landscape images has become a warmly welcomed addition to Simon Property Group’s The Galleria – an exclusive destination of high-end retail outlets, eateries, and boutiques. After only three years under the Lone Star sky, sales at LIK HOUSTON have already climbed to unprecedented levels, thanks to the stunning works of a master and the expert guidance of a professional staff.

Peter Lik Houston Photography Gallery

Now located on the main floor of the neighborhood’s renowned pedestrian hub, LIK HOUSTON – like all of Peter’s galleries – was personally designed by the Artist: “When we got the bigger space at The Galleria,” Peter comments, “I couldn’t wait to dig in and take my design to the next level. Hand-crafted stone imported from China and beautiful, sweeping elm floors really gave the gallery the organic, peaceful aura it deserves.” While the breathtaking aesthetics may be responsible for LIK HOUSTON’s inviting atmosphere, the main attractions lining the neutral-toned walls are the real draw – from the legendary waterfalls of Hawaii, to the colossal skyscrapers of New York.

Gallery Director, Jeff Flowers, has been working at Peter’s southern annex for a few years and has experienced the positive effects of the Artist’s record-breaking evolution firsthand: “What can I say,” he remarks. “It’s been an amazing ride. To be a part of history is somewhat difficult to describe. It is been an honor.” The appreciation Flowers feels is not uncommon among gallery staff at all of Peter’s 13 national locations – which may be partly to blame for the impeccable service that keeps collectors and fans returning time and time again. With so many factors keeping LIK HOUSTON going stronger than ever, there is no doubt that three years is poised to become four.

Published 04/28/2016