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LIK HOUSTON Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary Of Grand Opening

Updated 07/28/2023
In just a short amount of time, Peter’s location in one of Texas’ most buzzing cities has truly become a staple of the local art community.

Back in April, 2013, LIK HOUSTON’s grand opening warmly welcomed a crowd of serious art collectors and nature lovers alike. Now, two years later, the gallery is going stronger than ever, with a recent upgrade to a superior space.

When choosing the location for this Houston-based gallery, Peter needed a home that would be an appropriate fit for his fine art photography. Enter Simon Property Group’s The Galleria – a mecca of boutiques, cafes, and bars overflowing with bustling pedestrians. Here, Peter was allowed the freedom to design his space as he saw fit: “This destination and just felt right. Although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Texas art scene, I have since been blown away by the tremendous love and support from the area.”

Peter Lik Houston Gallery

In fact, LIK HOUSTON has been so successful that it recently celebrated a grand re-opening at larger space within the same shopping hub. Now located on the main floor, the redesigned gallery of 2,181 square feet includes thermo-treated elm floors and a hand-chiseled, stone façade of basalt imported from China. Along with Peter’s incredible landscape images – visitors will find a very dedicated, helpful and long running staff.

LIK HOUSTON Gallery Director, Jeff Flowers, has practically been working there since the beginning and could not be more thrilled about his time: “I wouldn’t even call it work. I would be more inclined to refer to it as a journey. It is a journey of an unforgettable experience. I have the luxury of traveling the United States with every blink of the eye. I am honored to be a part of Pete’s movement and I take pride in sharing it with him.”


Published 04/23/2015