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LIK FORUM is Now Open!

Updated 07/28/2021
Peter Lik is officially the proud owner of 15 galleries around the United States. The latest, LIK FORUM, is right at home in Caesars Palace – located just a ride down the escalator from the already extremely popular LIK CAESARS.

Opened in December to an enthusiastic crowd, Peter’s fourth gallery to grace The Strip further proves the Master Photographer’s position as a true fixture of the Las Vegas art scene.

LIK FORUM is an innovative gallery, not typical of most of Peter’s spaces. Walls that curve along the interior offer a slightly surreal aura as they guide visitors along a series of incredible landscape photos. The impressive and unique facade is completely constructed out of transparent glass, allowing passersby to grab an unobstructed view of Peter’s work. Finally, visitors to LIK FORUM will undoubtedly be awed by a massive 3-panel LIK EPIC of Peter’s famed “Tree of Serenity,” which truly stands out against the white-walled design.

Peter’s residency at Caesars Palace goes back a number of years and it is where he opened his first Las Vegas gallery. Now, it seems his presence at this “Sin City” icon is as prominent as ever: “I’ve always felt very welcome at Caesars. They’ve allowed me the luxury of experimenting with different spaces over the years. Vegas is my home and I couldn’t be prouder to be included in such an historic location.”

/ Visit LIK FORUM and discover the world through the lens of Peter Lik.

Published 03/06/2015