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Peter Lik to Receive PPA’s Imaging Excellence Award

It seems like only a moment ago when Peter was being honored by Professional Photographers of America (PPA) with their prestigious 2015 Diamond Photographer of the Year award – after four of his stunning images were accepted into their esteemed Loan Collection.

Coupled with earning PPA’s coveted Lifetime Achievement Award back in February, it has become evident that the Master Photographer now holds an unwavering position in history as a true leader in fine art photography. The latest news only further proves this notion, as Peter is set to receive PPA’s Imaging Excellence Award for his continued accomplishments in the field.

In a complimentary letter to the Artist, written by PPA President, Michael E. Timmons, Peter was congratulated on behalf of the organization’s Board of Directors and Photographic Committee for earning such an incredible distinction – which comes after an impressive 13 of the Master Photographer’s images in total have now been officially accepted into PPA’s Loan Collection. According to PPA’s website, the “Imaging Excellence Award recognizes those individuals who have obtained their master's degree in photography and continue to excel in their profession and succeed in PPA's International Print Competition.”

To celebrate this achievement, Peter will be presented with the Imaging Excellence Award at the Awards & Degree Ceremony at Imaging USA in Atlanta, Georgia next January. After years of submitting works from his endless collection, Peter could not be more thrilled to receive such praise from one of the world’s leading institutions in professional photography: “Having my images accepted into PPA’s Loan Collection is an incredibly emotional feeling,” the Artist commented. “I am blown away by PPA’s continued recognition of my life’s work. It is an honor.”

Congratulations Pete!

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