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LIK CAESARS Celebrates 10 Years!

2005 was perhaps one of the most important years for Peter, as it marked the beginning of his remarkable journey as a gallery owner in Las Vegas.

With his LIK USA headquarters already situated in “Sin City,” it was only a matter of time before Peter’s world-renowned masterworks would inhabit one of the most popular icons on infamous Las Vegas Boulevard. In the 10 years that have passed, it has become clear that LIK CAESARS has truly paved the way for Peter in the competitive world of fine art photography.

“It seems like only yesterday,” Peter reflected. “Whenever I think back to that time in my life I can’t help but feel extremely fortunate that Caesars Palace gave me a shot at the big time.” Peter’s popularity was just starting to grow in the U.S. when he easily convinced the team at Caesars – who were simply captivated by his images – to lease the space. “They loved the work and really believed in me as an artist. I couldn’t be prouder of how well it has all turned out.”

Peter’s desire to set up shop in Las Vegas grew out of his well-known love for the landscape of the American Southwest. “I had been working and living in the area for years,” he added. “When I saw an opening to take things to the next level I seized the moment.” To his delight, Caesars Palace confidently allowed Peter to construct the new space to his personal specifications, clearly emphasized in the modern design that is still relevant a decade later.

Those who visit LIK CAESARS will find it located among the exclusive Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. With over 2,000 square feet of space, the gallery is no exception when it comes to housing Peter’s collection of masterworks. Visitors seem to gaze endlessly at a LIK EPIC of Ocean Dance, an amazing capture of a Pacific swell that appears to be frozen in time.

Since the opening of LIK CAESARS in 2005, Peter has built an empire of Las Vegas galleries that seem to grow in prominence with each passing year. Now with LIK FORUM (also located at Caesars Palace), LIK VENETIAN, and LIK MANDALAY under his belt, Peter has truly taken this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and created a permanent presence in a city he proudly calls “home.”

Happy Anniversary!

/ Visit LIK CAESARS today and discover the world through the lens of Peter Lik.