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Peter Lik Opens His Newest Gallery in Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills, California is well-known as home to the nation's most sought-after luxury stores and upscale restaurants - now you can add Peter Lik to the prestigious list! Located a block from Rodeo Drive, at 319 N. Beverly Drive, Peter Lik’s newest gallery is a natural fit for those who pursue luxury and have a fondness for exquisite beauty.

Peter Lik’s distinct style of landscape photography defies simple description. Now his new gallery, boasting over 3,000 square feet of space to display Peter’s most beloved masterworks, defies simple description as well. The new space is sure to wow anyone who walks by.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate shopping experience or simply want to be a part of the poshest retail experience imaginable, your destination is clear. The Peter Lik brand is synonymous with the notion of true fine art. Collected by royalty and celebrities, it sets the standard to which others aspire.

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