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LIK ASPEN Supports Worthy Cause

In keeping with Peter Lik’s philanthropic tradition of donating images to reputable charities around the globe, LIK ASPEN has graciously offered to help out a worthwhile, local cause.

In just a few days, a generous organization, based in the area, will be auctioning off one of Peter’s breathtaking images at a fundraiser aimed at benefitting a very special young girl.

A group of friends, who bill themselves simply as ZMB (Zac Mathews, Mike Shelton and Brady Young), host an annual event each year in Aspen to “finish off the ski season and raise money for a good cause.” This year’s seventh annual Mountain Melee comes at a very somber time for locals, Dava and Jason Thomas, who recently discovered their 3-year-old daughter, Madison, is suffering from leukemia. Therefore, there was “no choice” for Brady Young and the gang – longtime friends of the Thomas family – who decided this year’s proceeds would all go towards assisting little Madison.

Enter LIK ASPEN. Upon hearing of this wonderful opportunity, the dedicated staff quickly secured one of Peter’s sought-after landscape photographs by having it immediately shipped to their Rocky Mountain location. Now, on Saturday, April 18th at the boutique Sky Hotel in Aspen, over 300 guests will gather to drink, eat and take part in a silent auction, featuring a 75cm print of Peter Lik’s Waking Forest, befittingly captured in the stunning woods of Colorado. Peter commented on the donation: “There is nothing more heartbreaking than a child suffering from illness. My thoughts are with the Thomas family and I am more than happy to help out.”

ZMB’s Young recently expressed excitement over LIK ASPEN’s important donation: “The generosity from Peter Lik and LIK ASPEN is a huge step forward in helping the Thomas family through this challenging time.” Aside from attending the upcoming fundraiser, anyone who wishes to help out 3-year-old Madison Thomas may do so by visiting or contacting Alpine Bank in Aspen and depositing money directly into an account for Madison Thomas. According to Young, the Thomas family has already started to receive many donations, and with the momentum that has been created, Madison’s future is looking up.

/ Click here to and find out more about this wonderful cause.