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LIK ASPEN Celebrates Seven Years

Updated 08/12/2022

It is one of Peter’s favorite locations – a charming city among legendary mountain peaks and powerful, dense forestry. Aspen, Colorado has long been at the top of the Master Photographer’s list for best fall and winter landscape shots, and for seven years one of Peter’s most prized gallery’s has been thriving out west. Since it’s inception, LIK ASPEN has become a destination for both local art lovers and visiting collectors who frequent the locale amidst taking on the slopes of the Rockies.

It was just about March 2008, when LIK ASPEN would officially open its doors, and Peter Lik was putting the finishing touches on the gallery’s design, including an enchanting reclaimed wood ceiling and rich, Brazilian flooring. He had found the perfect spot for this new location in the historic Isis Theatre building – very close to the buzz of Aspen’s Restaurant Row and just steps from the natural wonders of the region: “In Aspen, I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for my images. Just step outside the gallery and look up – the mountains are right there! It felt very fateful.”

In true Peter Lik fashion, the gallery was soon decorated with many locally inspired works from Peter’s Aspen shoots, including a massive LIK EPIC of Yellow – a breathtaking vision of majestic birch trees during autumn. According to John Szabo, LIK ASPEN Gallery Director of five years, such images have an incredible effect on visitors of the annex: “My favorite part of this job is seeing the emotion that Peter's work can bring out of people when they fall in love with what he captures with the camera. I truly have one of the best jobs in Aspen.”

Peter’s incredible passion for Aspen has created an atmosphere at the gallery, which exudes a very welcoming aura, and in turn, an increasing bottom line. Since LIK ASPEN’s grand opening seven years ago, it has witnessed the rise of an incredible career in landscape photography and a fast-growing international collector base. Szabo puts it best: “it has really been an incredible experience watching Peter rise to the top.”

It certainly has.

/ Visit LIK ASPEN and discover the world through the lens of Peter Lik.

Published 03/24/2015