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How to Pick the Best Photography for Your Home

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a popular expression that was initially a sales slogan. It's still well known today because it's true. Looking at a photograph can transport you through time and space. Photographs deliver information and inspiration; they can soothe the mind or stimulate it.

Photography originated almost two centuries ago. Since then, photographic art has become popular, and today, it's common to find photographic art displayed in galleries, offices, museums, and homes. 

Choosing the best photography for your home can create the desired atmosphere for each room and turn a functional space into an attraction. Whether you want to set the tone for each room or create a showpiece that will captivate guests, you can use these tips when choosing the best fine art photography for your home.

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What is the Best Photography to Buy for Your Home?

Identifying the best photography for your home begins with identifying your photography's purpose, your preferences, and the types of photography that suit your space.


You may be an author and want office photographs that inspire you while writing. Or perhaps you're searching for the perfect fine art photography to display where you entertain guests. 

Understanding your goals helps you focus on photography that suits your objectives. You might be drawn to the images of nature and urban landscapes that make up Peter Lik's Urban Loft collection if you're writing about places around the globe. If you want to create a soothing space that reminds a family member of their country home, you could turn to the Country Home collection.


Everyone has preferences that extend beyond favorite colors, foods, and music. Your preferences will determine what type of photographic art you prefer. You may be drawn to black-and-white images that use contrast to highlight specific details in the image, or you may favor photographs with bold colors that demand your attention. Understanding your preferences can help you identify appealing photographs so you invest in art you'll enjoy for years to come.

Types of Photography

There are multiple types of photography to choose from, including the following: 

  • Landscape photography: Landscape photographs depict natural features such as lakes and fields. It includes pictures from around the globe.
  • Fine art photography: Fine art photographs emphasize the photographer's creative expression. They can set up elements they capture in the image to convey specific ideas to the viewer. 
  • Architectural photography: Architectural photographs feature structures, such as office buildings, churches, towers, and cultural landmarks, like historic theaters or opera houses
  • Abstract photography: Abstract photographs can prioritize colors or shadows and may not focus on an identifiable image. Photographers use photographic technology and techniques to capture conceptual images.

What Peter Lik Photograph is Best for Homes?

Finding the best Peter Lik photography for your home begins with exploring Peter Lik's collections. Whether you're looking for abstract photos, Peter Lik landscape photography, architectural images, or fine art photographs, you'll find multiple images that fit your design aesthetic.

Peter Lik's website tools let you refine your search by color, format, orientation, and product time to make finding the perfect image for your space easier.

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