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Equation of Time Picks up Three More Award Wins!


Peter’s Epic Achievement in Photography Reigns at the International Book Awards

It was only a few months ago, when Peter’s stunning fine art photography book, Equation of Time, grabbed its first industry accolades from the prestigious American Advertising Federation. Now, it seems that was only a prelude for many more good things to come, as another trio of awards rolls in for the acclaimed landscape photographer. At the esteemed 2016 International Book Awards (IBA), Peter’s 528-page, epic collection of award winning photography, led the way in an impressive three categories, further proving its might in the realm of impeccable design.

Peter Lik Equation of Time Awards

This year the IBA scrutinized over 1,500 entries from authors and publishers around the world, before announcing the 80 category winners. Spotlighted in this year’s 7th annual ceremony, were the three distinct awards bestowed upon world-renowned Photographer for his masterwork. Equation of Time took home prominent wins in the following categories: Best Art Book, Best Photography Book, and Best Interior Layout.

Peter, who spent a challenging two years, working day in and day out on the aesthetics of Equation of Time, could not be more honored to receive this collection of praise: “Putting this project together was no small task”, he remarks. “The process took me the world and back in order to get the final design right. To be recognized by the IBA in so many categories is extremely gratifying – I am honored and grateful.” As Equation of Time continues to make its way into the hands of fine art aficionados and photography lovers all over the world, there will undoubtedly be more noteworthy accolades to come.

Congrats, once again, Pete!