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Enhance Your Home with Peter Lik's Award-Winning Photography


Peter Lik's dedication to capturing the unparalleled beauty of nature has once again been recognized with top honors at the MPI 9th Annual IIC and WPE International Photography Awards.

Critically Acclaimed Collection

Peter Lik's collection of work, which has already garnered critical acclaim, features stunning landscapes and dramatic natural scenes. Highlights from the MPI 9th Annual IIC Awards include Heavenly Night, Sacred Grove, Sound of the Sea, Spiritual Falls, and Vision of Time winning Gold medals, with Ancient Glory, Daydream, Hidden Mirage, Mystic Rivers 1, and Tree of Endurance receiving Silver, and Lakeside Solitude earning a Bronze. At the WPE Awards, An Evening in France, Ocean Glow, Spiritual Falls, The Great Wall, and Tree of Endurance were all honored with Silver medals.

Exclusive Invitation

Each photograph captures the essence of nature in its most beautiful and inspiring forms, offering you the chance to enhance your space with award-winning art. Explore the collection online or schedule a private viewing at one of the LIK Fine Art galleries. 

Enhance Your Home Decor

Bring home a piece of extraordinary artistry today. These limited edition photographs will not only elevate your home decor but also create a captivating focal point that reflects your refined taste. With their breathtaking beauty and meticulous craftsmanship, Peter Lik's award-winning photography are sure to transform any space into a sanctuary of elegance and inspiration. 

Each piece tells a story and brings a unique charm, ensuring that your home remains both inviting and sophisticated. Don’t miss this chance to own a part of photographic history and make a bold statement with Peter Lik's celebrated works.

Why Choose LIK Fine Art?

Choosing LIK Fine Art means choosing quality and prestige. Peter Lik's photographs are limited edition pieces that combine technical precision with an artist's eye for beauty. Each piece is crafted to not only capture a moment but to evoke emotion and inspire admiration. These artworks are more than decorations; they are treasures in timeless beauty and artistic excellence.

Transform your space, elevate your decor, and achieve your winning look with Peter Lik's celebrated masterpieces.