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My love for Mother Nature is endless – and it was time to pay tribute to her stunning creatures that roam our shared planet. I couldn’t think of a more majestic, and yet humble animal to photograph. Zebras are so aesthetically striking, it’s almost as if they are hand-painted by Mother Nature herself. As soon as we hit our location early in the am, I began shooting non-stop for hours – a hundred angles and a variety of different exposures and lenses. I felt a true connection with this amazing creature. A fateful meeting of two souls, sharing a rare moment in time. As I closed in on my shot, I saw the emotion in her face – curious, cautious, and wise. The kicked up dust in the air had yet to settle before I snapped the shutter. I was moving so fast that I wasn’t 100% sure what I had gotten, but when I reviewed the results, I was completely blown away. This vision captures the essence of the great outdoors – beautiful and unpredictable.

10 Artist Proof / 200 Limited Edition