Wildlife Photography

Explore the the primal allure of the animal kingdom in the Wildlife Photography Collection by Peter Lik and LIK Fine Art. Voyage into the untouched wilderness, where every image tells a story of nature's most majestic creatures.

Majestic Spirit
Majestic Spirit

Limited Edition

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OE 0007 - LIK Fine Art
OE 0007

Open Edition


Photograph from Peter Lik of a lion staring at the camera titled Pride. - LIK Fine Art

Limited Edition


Four white horses running along the beach in Camargue France at sunset
Running Free

Limited Edition

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The Emperor - LIK Fine Art
The Emperor

Limited Edition


Four white horses standing in the shallow waters along the coast
Welcome Home

Limited Edition


Witness a cheetah's grace under Africa's setting sun. A breathtaking moment of strength and beauty on the savanna.
Wild Elegance

Limited Edition