Ocean Boulevard

Ocean Boulevard

Limited Edition

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Coney Island, New York
A calm morning on the Atlantic. Just love it. Coney Island is usually a full blown bustling beach. I wanted the opposite. I wanted the Zen, the calm, the mood people rarely see. I set my alarm for sunrise and headed out to the island. Middle of winter, I wanted to avoid any people. This was going to be tough. The cold foggy morning in winter helped to do the trick. A couple of lonely fishermen braved through the waters.

I chose a unique perspective beneath the Jetty. I loved the converging lines and the pastel colors. The misty morning muted   gave the mood and feeling to the shot that I was chasing. I did a panoramic shot to emphasize the wide  field of view giving a sense of looking straight into the shot.

I used a very long exposure to flatten out the water and waves, blending into the horizon. Giving it a painterly feel, more than just a photograph. It paid off. Silence, Zen and morning calm for one of Manhattan’s craziest beaches. That’s what photography is all about, capturing that special mood very few people get to see.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Ocean Boulevard