Midsummer Dreams

Midsummer Dreams

Limited Edition

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Florida Keys, Florida
No matter how much you plan, getting a good shot is never a guarantee. The Florida Keys are known for sunny skies and clear blue water, but the reality of the location is that the weather is often brutal. At the drop of a hat, it can get extremely rainy, windy and oftentimes the earth will rock from intense lightning and thunderstorms. I had been as patient as possible for over a week when I almost gave up on this shot. The intense conditions were preventing me from getting what I wanted. Mother Nature was really testing me on this one. The image was so clear in my mind - I didn’t want to give up, but time was running out. Just when I thought the dream was over – there it was. All the waiting had paid off. The skies began to clear and the water grew still - I could feel my spirit relax as I took in this perfect paradise.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Midsummer Dreams