Harbour Mist

Harbour Mist

Limited Edition

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New South Wales, Australia
Even in winter, mist rarely appears over the protected harbour in Sydney. So on the morning of this shot, when I awoke with the intent of shooting a sunrise it felt like a gift. I drove across the bridge at breakneck speed, and from beneath the suspended blanket of mist, the harbour was echoing with the horns of craft trying to navigate through the confusion. I worked frantically in the close damp air, and my heart raced as I shot off frame after frame of this eerie scene. Just as the sun arrived, the mist started to rise, and I looked up to see the form of the bridge emerging. At that exact moment, a single shaft of sunlight splintered through the silhouette. I held my breath and pressed the shutter. I knew in my heart, I had been delivered a very special image.

45 Artist Proof / 450 Limited Edition

Harbour Mist