Yellow leaves and branches reaching over a flowing river in Washington

Forest Dreams

Limited Edition


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Stevens Pass, Washington
Being deep inside a wild forest is a truly magical experience. It’s like another world. The unforgettable smells of the fresh crisp air, the gentle breeze caressing the leaves and the calming beautiful sound of the mountain stream dancing around the rocks – all of this I knew had to be captured on film. I spent many days walking the banks of isolated streams in the Cascade Mountains to discover this amazing place.

It was a very delicate scene and capturing this on film was a challenge. I made a series of exposures – all 2 seconds long. It was a true test of patience as the stream created its own wind movement – I needed TOTAL calm. Not a breath of wind – the slightest movement would blur the leaves and ruin the shot. Overcast skies provided nice soft light and all I had to do now was let nature perform.

After hours of waiting it all paid off. A fifteen second break of total calm gave me what I wanted – the moment was captured. Being so close to nature was such an intimate moment – watching the birds and butterflies bask in this sanctuary – its what life is all about. I hope you can feel the true presence and calmness of nature as I did deep in this forest. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Yellow leaves and branches reaching over a flowing river in Washington