The Calm

Limited Edition


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Long Island, New York
Simplicity in photography is one of the key components I always strive for because it says so much. It makes you think. Leaving the image open for interpretation. On the shores of Long Island in the middle of winter I set out to capture the real mood of this great place. Using a really long exposure gave the moving ocean a painterly feel, something only the camera can capture. A late afternoon storm gathered on the horizon, perfect light it was cold, windy, radical, I had the beach to myself always making it special. The row of wooden jetty parts really added a perspective to the shot.

The blended colors and simplicity really made the shot. I took a series of exposures as the storm approached and chose this one for the gallery walls, the radical sky patterns and lines of the fence all bring you right into the shot. The moment I was capturing it is what I strive for when I’m shooting. It’s a lot more than just a photograph it was the feeling at the time,  that special moment as I press the shutter. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Old wood post fence leading through the beach into the ocean in New York