Stone Temple

Limited Edition


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Arches, Utah
Lighting is everything. I had located this composition of the arch, and knew it had phenomenal potential—looking into another world—through this majestic arch. I just needed the right lighting. I had shot this scene the previous day at sunrise , and was not really happy with the lighting—it was flat and bland. I needed a different look. I waited for 5 days with clear, cloudless skies; it seemed like 5 weeks. Finally on the 6th day, I noticed some clouds gathering and made my tenth pilgrimage to the arch. I set up in anticipation, carefully framing the double arches. The colors intensified for a few minutes, and I pressed the shutter. The scene looked like a primitive painting, and the voice of a lone hawk was my only companion. I love it. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Looking through a sunlit stone arch with turret arch in the distance in Arched National Park Utah