Shore Watch

Limited Edition


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Brooklyn, New York
I explored all angles and locations until I was completely happy to press the shutter on New York City. What a massive city and I needed to capture its soul! Refraining from standard imagery was my number one priority. The winds had been up all day, normally not good for shooting. I thought I’d actually take advantage of it and shoot a long exposure. Down on the water front a gale was blowing. The clouds ripped by, I had to shoot. My biggest fear was that during the long 30 second exposure, a wind gust would blow and move the tripod. I had no option but to shoot. A golden glow locked in on the horizon as I took a series of 30 second exposures till night fell. The wind could really make or break the shot and I prayed for just one clear frame, captured when there was a break in the wind. This one frame made it, I was stoked. The long exposure created a painterly effect, mixing the pinks and blue sky like a paint brush. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Wood pilons in the bay across from a New York skyline with blurred clouds overhead