Napa Valley

Limited Edition


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Napa, California
The Napa Valley is famous as a wine-growing region, and the countryside is dotted with classic old vineyards. In spring, the fields of mustard are in flower and their vivid yellow blooms add a burst of colour to the landscape. I wanted to capture the perfect image to encapsulate Napa, so chose to shoot very early morning when I knew the soft light would be easy to work with. When shooting landscape, a little bit of height really aids composition, but with no high ground I had to climb up on top of my van to take my shot. From my slightly elevated vantage, it made the world of difference–the converging lines of the mustard leads the eye directly to the focal point of the vintage winery, and the unusual roof line of turrets and eaves make for an interesting skyline. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Vineyard with rows of grape plants in Napa California surrounded by mustard flowers in Spring