Kauai Dreaming

Limited Edition


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Kauai, Hawaii
I wanted to capture the true essence of Hawai’i, and spent days scouting coves, cliffs, ocean and beaches. I was drawn back to Queen’s Bath, where the ocean pounded against the cliffs. I needed magical light to enhance the scene. After five days of bland skies, I felt something was going to happen. Setting up my tripod on the cliff’s edge, I watched in awe as the sun and clouds reached up to touch the sky. It was only a brief lightshow and I took a series of shots. I used a long exposure to give the moving waves a painterly feel. I selected this frame with the waterfalls in the foreground, leading off into the epic backdrop of the Napali Coast. I hope you feel the magic in this shot the way I did when I pressed the shutter.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Waves crashing along the rock coast of Kaui Hawaii as the sun sets through the clouds and behind the Napali cliffs