Gilded Forest

Limited Edition


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On the road from Tetons to Glacier, I decided to take an impromptu detour. I happened upon this swamp-like forest, unlike anything I’d ever seen! I hiked in to get a closer look and ended up spending the entire day there. The sunlight was dramatic, sweeping across the valley floor. I absolutely love how the shadows reach out to the viewer. There had been a massive brush fire here and its presence was still felt. It was surreal, whisper quiet and strangely peaceful. Geysers were spouting nearby, their aroma feeding the mood of the area. I shot and shot, but never strayed from this perfect spot, even though these trees stretched on for miles. I worked very hard on this shot, trying to convey the complete sense of place. At the end of the day, I know that everything came together perfectly – subject, mood, tone, composition, shadow and light. This is simply an image like no other. 

5 Artist Proof / 50 Limited Edition

White gum tree on the rocky mountainside in the West Macdonnel Ranges, Australia