Spirit of the Universe

Limited Edition


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Valensole, France
Every photograph begins with a vision. Hoping Mother Nature would cooperate, France was the place to make this a reality.

Scouting the perfect location and waiting for the right weather seemed to take forever. On the sixth day it all came together, the skies were full of life and the air was perfectly still. The chance was now–it was time to get to work and make this happen. The gear was set up to the humming sound of thousands of bees, and for the next 12 hours the camera did not move.

Once  the glowing lavender at sunset had been captured, a long wait for the night sky to reveal herself was the next challenge. Too much cloud cover and the shot would be ruined. The fresh scent of  lavender filled the air as the world beyond was revealed. Patience had paid off. A second exposure of 2 minutes was used to capture the light that is not visible to the human eye, capturing the brilliance of the worlds beyond. Silence, awe and peace. This was a day that will never be forgotten. 

This image really does take you to another world.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition


Single tree in the middle of rows of purple lavender under a cloudy sky filled with stars and the milky way