Hanging Garden

Limited Edition


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There is something therapeutic about this forest. It clears your soul. The calmness, the green and the silence. I had been shooting sections of the Columbia River Gorge in the torrential mid winter, so I wanted that additional water run-off- it’s so temperamental but gives the image that soft painterly feel. I searched rivers and gorges for this intricate scene. Drenched to the bone, day after day, I never gave up. I knew a scene was out there. I had the good waders which got me access to some pretty cool places. After hiking up a small tributary in the gorge I turned the camera on and was blown away, the scene was perfect.

I used a long exposure to capture the water movement. The color of the stream was so rich and vibrant and the scene was just nature’s marvel. The moss, trees and gorgeous foliage just draped the into the water. Another waterfall cascading in the background added a real ambiance to the image. I’m constantly seeking perfection in nature. This scene was it. Like a hidden sanctuary no one else could see. I had it to myself and with my lens of course. Feel the silence, hear the water, smell the air. It’s a hanging garden.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Water pouring through foliage and down a moss covered rock wall into the Columbia River Gorge Oregon