Earths Elder

Limited Edition


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Mount Magazine, Arkansas
This gnarled old elder of nature clings tenuously to its rocky vantage, defying the elements and seemingly growing out of solid rock. I had been given a tip off about location to shoot at Mount Magazine and had hiked into the park mid afternoon with high hopes. After a frustrating few hours of shooting where everything seemed to be against me, I eventually gave up and headed dejectedly back to the truck. I had noticed this tree earlier, but against a backdrop of sunset it took on a completely different possibilities. The sunset had just began to kick in as I set up and I had to work fast to beat the encroaching darkness. I only got a few rolls off before I lost the light, but when I saw the depth and colour of this shot I was completely blown away. An image that happened almost by accident turned out to be one of the killer shots of the trip! 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Lone Cedar tree growing out of rocks on the hillside of Mount Magazine State Park Arkansas