Sacred Arch

Limited Edition


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Canyonlands, Utah
The sacred presence of this untouched wilderness just blows my mind. High up on the remote plateau in the Canyonlands of Utah is one of my favorite places. Its raw beauty has always been in my heart. Hiking to the arch after a fresh snow melt under flashlight in the morning was totally exhilarating. I set up the tripod in a specific angle I knew would capture the beauty of this scene. As the twilight cast its stunning glow over the scene I shot like a madman. It was when the sun just cracked the horizon for 5 seconds I could feel the real magic through my lens. To see this whole scene illuminated in front of me with such intense majesty is a moment I will never forget. Looking at this image you can feel such pure power of mother nature and the total awe that surrounded me. It was truly sacred.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Sacred Arch - LIK Fine Art