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Saguaro National Park, Arizona
Some of these cactus plants stand over 30 feet high and I really wanted an image that would portray their strange sentinel-like presence. I knew that shooting them as silhouettes would add a different dimension to the image, so needed to find the perfect angle from which to shoot against the setting sun. There are so many it was very difficult to find a composition to create the mood I was seeking. After a frustrating few hours, I finally discovered this vantage just as the sun was about to make its descent and quickly set up my tripod. In order to emphasise the size of the cactus, I crouched down low and shot slightly up. The presence of the smaller cactus sheltering beneath the outstretched arms of the giant one, made for an awesome contrast, and the backdrop of sunset skies completed the scene–this awesome shot proved well worth the effort!  

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition