Snow covered field in front of a Autumn colored mountainside in Aspen Colorado

Painted Mountain

Limited Edition

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Aspen, Colorado
The legendary peaks of Aspen are some of the most colorful and vibrant I have ever witnessed. From a distance, certain patches of forestry across the mountainside can take on a real painterly feel, and that is exactly what I set out to capture on this brisk, wintery morning. Overnight, a raging snowstorm swept over the area and completely transformed this scene from an autumn palette into a total winter dream – with brush strokes of colorful foliage that peeked through this vast blanket of white terrain. The way the colors popped was truly intense, as if Mother Nature had gilded the region with her delicate handiwork. I especially love the small family of trees in the foreground, which offer such a fragile juxtaposition against the full, sweeping landscape beyond. Before the sun had the chance to brighten up my view too much, I captured as many shots of this moment as I possibly could. The final result is an artistic reflection of the beautiful winter wonderland that gives me reason to visit this incredible place year after year.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Snow covered field in front of a Autumn colored mountainside in Aspen Colorado